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Gabriel Holmes

Gabriel's performances are unique, hilarious and very enlightening. Gabriel has an outstanding reputation for bringing a fun, fresh and purely entertaining approach to hypnotism while dispelling the mysterious and degrading myths that often surround this fascinating state of mind. Gabriel's hypnotic induction features a completely observable process during which the audience becomes the witness to a remarkable transformation from the conscious to a subconscious state of mind. Once this hypnotized state is achieved, Gabriel creates the enormously entertaining performance, enjoining participants and audience members alike into an unforgettable performance. Every participant on stage will react differently to the suggestions offered, thus no two shows are ever alike!  

My Performers/Events Sessions

Wednesday, July 3

3:00pm CDT

Thursday, July 4

12:30pm CDT

Friday, July 5

3:00pm CDT

Saturday, July 6

3:00pm CDT